Dressing Appointments

The Boudoir offers a wide range of services and each of these is tailored to suit the individual requirements and needs of each person. If there is one thing that I understand about the clients at The Boudoir, it is that the quality of your feminine image is of paramount importance. Over the years, I have worked very hard to perfect every aspect of creating the ultimate female image for my valued clientele. No one can say that transforming a man into a woman is easy and I do not pretend for one second that it is, but with the range of skills and techniques that I have cultivated over time, I now have a very good success rate of creating a convincing female image for a very high percentage of clients.


An expertly crafted makeover with top quality make up, superb wig styling and realistic body shaping are the core foundations of The Boudoir's reputation that has become known and respected throughout the TG industry worldwide. The Boudoir does have a signature style that is recognisable, but in no way am I in the habit of creating production line “clone-overs” that some other dressing services tend to do. Every face and every body shape is individually assessed before work begins - the style and strength of make up, wig and outfit are all decisions for the customer and I can accommodate most reasonable requests.

The Boudoir has produced two tuition videos/CD roms on the art of male to female make up and female form body shaping, they are both available to purchase at the studio.