Dress Up

This is perhaps the most fun part, selecting an outfit or outfits that will complete your transformation from he to she. Forget the old adage "Clothes maketh the man," at The Boudoir, clothes maketh the woman!! A woman can have any image that is her heart's desire. Clients often find that a dressing appointment and the access to The Boudoir's wardrobe that goes with it can revolutionise and inspire them to take their dressing to the next level.


The Boudoir has a very extensive wardrobe ranging from very smart and formal daywear to very glamorous evening dresses, cocktail gowns and ball gowns. We also have club wear, casual wear, wedding dresses, as well as some fetish wear and limited uniforms. Whatever your age or style, it is more than likely that The Boudoir wardrobe will have a good selection of outfits to suit your taste. Sizes range from 8 – 26!! 

All the looks you could wish for...and more!!


The Boudoir has a full range of shoes and boots up to a size 12 - from classic court shoes and elegant evening shoes to sparkly stilettos and outrageously high platforms. I also have a range of various knee and thigh high boots. If you are after something a bit less ambitious, I stock a range of low-heeled training shoes to get you started. We can also work on your walk in various heel heights during you stay at The Boudoir. I used to be a catwalk model (many moons ago) and we can have fun perfecting the model sashay up and down the length of The Boudoir!! 

It is highly unlikely that you will not find shoes to suit your look. Shoes can be bought direct from The Boudoir and can be ordered in advance for you in any size, style and colour. Email or call me beforehand and I can have shoes and boots ready for collection on the day of your appointment.