Frequently Asked Questions

This is a selection of the most common enquiries received by The Boudoir. If your question is not covered here or elsewhere on the site, please get in touch either by email or phone - details of both are on the Contact The Boudoir page.


What are The Boudoir's policies?

My original vision was of a place where transvestites and crossdressers could go and experiment with many different images of femininity. I also wanted to obliterate the feelings of guilt that so many people suffer with. The way I work with you at The Boudoir will make you feel great about yourself and about what you are doing. I want you to enjoy being a tgirl and have fun with it. Some of my clients see their sessions at The Boudoir as a kind of training course that is preparing them for the various hurdles that are ahead of them in their tranny life. These could be anything from building up to telling a partner or spouse about their dressing, going out to the clubs for the first time or maybe having their first Boudoir Photoshoot. Either way, I will help you to build that confidence that you have been lacking and now need. It is so much easier than it sounds believe me. I have an astonishing success rate of happy, confident and satisfied customers!!

I have always tried my hardest to maintain a certain standard of elegance, class and sophistication with everything that I have done with The Boudoir, and I must stress very seriously that I offer absolutely NO PERSONAL SERVICES!!

I do not have hate, bitterness, bitchiness or any bad vibes at all in my environment and therefore many people leave here feeling like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Peace, calm and serenity are the ingredients for a great, stress free time at The Boudoir.

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I am both inexperienced and nervous about visiting you!

You do not have to be experienced in anyway at dressing to be able to come to and enjoy The Boudoir. Sometimes it is easier to work with a complete novice as they are easier to guide correctly right from the start. I do however have customers who have been dressing since childhood and know exactly what they want and exactly how to do it, The Boudoir is then simply a forum for them to share their dressing with someone else, have a makeover, a coffee and a chat.

So many people apologise to me for being nervous when they arrive at The Boudoir, of course you will be nervous — that's just normal. I get nervous just going to the hairdressers! There is nothing abnormal about being a little anxious, I can assure you that I am very well rehearsed at dealing with nervous people and I am also very good at putting people at ease and making them feel comfortable. Just bear in mind that I am a normal, down to earth girl and not some kind of whip wielding mistress who will force you to look horrible. I am here to help you in any way that I can. I also operate from extremely discreet and comfortable premises where your privacy is absolutely assured, no one will know you are here! You cannot see into The Boudoir from the street and the door is always locked once you are inside the premises. Nobody comes into The Boudoir whilst you are there, so the time that you have booked is for you and you alone. You have my entire attention at all times.

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How do I make an appointment?

Dressing Appointments, Individual Escorted Trips and Photoshoots typically need to be booked 7 to 10 days in advance, though sometimes shorter notice can be accommodated - the more notice the better in regard to Photoshoots particularly. If you have a date and time in mind, either ring or email The Boudoir - details are on this site’s Contact The Boudoir page. You will be required to send a deposit to confirm your booking, which can be REFUNDED ONLY IF A FULL 48 HOURS NOTICE OF THE CANCELLATION ARE GIVEN. The day before your appointment I will require you to ring The Boudoir, at which time I will give you the exact address. Last minute bookings for Makeovers, Escorted Trips and Boudoir Events can sometimes, subject to availability, be made up to 24 hours in advance.

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What will happen during my appointment at The Boudoir?

You Got To Love Da Lynnster!!

Appointment times are 2, 3, 4 or a maximum 5 hours long and are always on a one to one appointment basis. I never rush or hurry people and clock watching is non-existent. The time really does fly by!!

When you arrive at The Boudoir, you will normally have a cup of tea or coffee and a quick consultation with me on what you are hoping to achieve from your appointment. Then we begin your make up.

A complete male to female makeover normally takes around 45 minutes. Next we choose your wig and then we move into the dressing room where you have the privacy to change into the appropriate under garments. A full range of quality corsetry, body padding and silicone breast forms are available. Once shaped to satisfaction you can then go on to chose an outfit. I will help you with this process as much or as little as you want me to. 

The Boudoir is an Aladdin's Cave where you can dress in whichever way you desire. You can be everything from a secretary to a glamour goddess. Whether it's sophistication that you like or something a little more daring, The Boudoir has an outfit to suit your mood. After your makeover you can try as many different outfits as you can fit into your appointment time or you may of course prefer to simply relax in the one you have chosen.

You can also browse through the vast selection of magazines and books available and drink as much tea or coffee as you wish. The aim is to make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible whilst you are in my environment.

Refreshments are always freely available, as is friendly advice and recommendations to any other TG services required such as support groups, clubs, hotels etc.

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Can I bring a camera with me?

Guests are also very welcome to bring their own camera should they want some quick snaps, or alternatively Polaroid pictures of your visit can be purchased (please mention this when you call or email for an appointment). A full Professional Photoshoot, which can be either in-house or on a location of your choice is also available by prior arrangement - further details in the Photoshoots section.

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Is The Boudoir discreet and secure?

The Boudoir

The Boudoir is a private studio, and does not advertise the nature of its business in anyway on the exterior of the premises. You cannot see into The Boudoir and once you are inside, the door is actually locked so absolutely no one can enter uninvited.

Everything that is discussed or spoken about throughout your appointment is treated with the greatest of confidence and is never repeated to anyone. Whether you have a high profile or not, I am not interested in selling out to The News of The World, or now it is no more the current equivalent!!

The money I could earn from doing that would not be worth having to leave the industry permanently for. My work and future career in the tranny industry mean far too much to me!!

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Where is The Boudoir located?

When you have an appointment and have paid a deposit, you will need to contact The Boudoir by telephone the day before your visit - then you will be given you the exact address. In the meantime here is some general travel information that will get you almost to our door. If you are coming by car a good geographical point of reference for you to look up in your A-Z (or set in your Sat Nav) is Limehouse DLR Station in Limehouse, London E14. The Boudoir is two minutes drive away from there.

The nearest Docklands Light Railway (DLR) station to The Boudoir is Limehouse. The Boudoir is a three minute walk from there. The DLR line can be picked up from either Bank or Stratford, both located on the London Underground Central Line.

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What types of people visit The Boudoir?

People from all walks of life visit us at The Boudoir.

I have created an environment where any type of person, regardless of age, race, religion or physical status can come and indulge themselves in feeling glamorous, feminine, girly or sexy, in a completely classy and respectable way. My aim is to make my customers feel the same way that a real woman is made to feel when she visits the beauty parlour for an afternoon's pampering.

As well as the UK, I have customers from Canada, USA, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, China, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Norway, Malaysia, Cuba, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Ghana, Pakistan, Belarus, Estonia , Iceland and The Philipines.

I have customers who are firemen, policemen, soldiers, bankers, legal professionals, accountants, priests and vicars, a professional rugby player, a train driver and even a theologist!! My customers are Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Christians, and probably just about every other religious background possible — all ranging in age from 19 to 94. This means I have a 75-year age range of clients to cater for!!


For example, Jo is just 19 years old. She has been dressing ever since she can remember and attended her first dressing service at the tender age of 14!! As you can see, this tgirl is beautiful. She enjoys dressing to her age and being as trendy and feminine as possible. Jo is a person who has her whole life ahead of her. She will have to fit her crossdressing in with her life plan of work, marriage, children etc. She will have a lot of difficult decisions to make.

Jean Katz

Jean Katz is 94 and travels for over 4 hours to visit The Boudoir on a regular basis. She has only been dressing for 3 years after losing her 2nd wife. She is the most inspirational, glamorous and truly grateful person you could ever meet, and the joy that she finds in her dressing is so visible. Jean proves that you really are never too old to start doing the things that you most enjoy. As long as there's a will there's a way!!

I also have clients who are disabled and in wheelchairs. One person in particular who springs to mind is the wonderful Miss Penny Hilton. Penny was born with a piece of skin wrapped around her spine causing one of her legs to not form in the womb properly and sadly her other leg is also useless. She drives her car to London, stays in a hotel, gets a taxi to The Boudoir and then I escort her to the tranny clubs. It is people like Penny who are so positive about life, that helps keep my faith in what I am doing as strong as it is.

So who are my customers? The answer is very simple, EVERYONE!!

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What are the payment options?

Unfortunately, we do NOT accept either credit or debit cards at The Boudoir. Payments by cheque with a guarantee card or cash are the ONLY approved methods. Payments by PayPal and bank transfer are also possible by arrangement.

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