Out of all of The Boudoir's great range of services, the one that we are especially proud of is its Photoshoots, which have produced the superb selection of images that have graced this website and our adverts in the printed media. Every tgirl deserves to record her fabulous femme self for posterity and we at The Boudoir have unrivalled experience in making you look totally convincing and of course, your absolute very best. Take a look at some of the examples on this page and in the Professional Photoshoot Galleries section and you will see no detail is left to chance. In the organisation and execution of any given shoot we do our job to the letter.


Mike is our highly experienced photographer, (see his profile in the About The Boudoir's The Team section) and due to his considerable expertise in working alongside the TG community you will find yourself instantly put at ease by his friendly and likeable nature. He is totally dedicated to achieving the best possible results from all his models and therefore every single detail in each and every shot is styled to perfection. Mike and I treat the whole shoot as much more than a simple amateur session, and will make sure that not even so much as a single hair is out of place, and that your make up always remains perfect with frequent touch ups when required. You will have a full, Professional Photoshoot specific makeover, the very best in creative wig styling, fantastic false nails (or your own nails manicured) and as much input into outfit selection as you require. 

I am a great believer of the saying “you only get out what you put in” and this has never applied more to a situation than when it comes to Photoshoots. We will style you in many positions, using different backdrops and varied lighting effects to give you a truly professional and unique set of photos matching the kind of quality that one would see in any of the world famous fashion magazines. A complete strategy can be worked out personally for your shoot and we take great pride in the fact that no two sessions we do are ever the same. Variety is the spice of life and is also the key to success in our case. Camera angles, poses, backdrops, coloured lighting and props are all utilised in order to create the right effects that are the most flattering for your face and body.

At work during a photoshoot

The Boudoir is based in a spacious location, so our studio isin-house' which not only offers logistical benefits but a far more relaxed schedule and atmosphere too. With the entire Boudoir collections of clothes, wigs and accessories at your disposal there really isn't a mood or style we cannot cater for on the spot. In the recent past we have done themed shoots including, model portfolios, internet specific shoots, drag, fetish wear, bridal, glamour, casual, office girl plus many more!! All shoots are shot on digital format, and CD Roms or traditional prints are both available. 

If you would like to have a two girl shoot with a friend, then this is also fine as we have worked on a number of multiple shoots recently - they are always great fun and the results are inevitably stunning. We are also more than happy for you to set a brief or theme for us to follow, just tell us what you have in mind, as we always love to do something challenging and different!!

Frequently asked questions

How long does a typical shoot last?

Normally 5 - 5½ hours. A shoot is never rushed as the benefits are much greater if the model is relaxed and not worried about running over their time.

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Where do the Photoshoots take place?

The Boudoir now works from an in-house studio within our own premises. In other words, you just come to The Boudoir. This means an even more relaxed atmosphere as there is no travelling to outside studios once dressed and access to all the facilities of The Boudoir is on hand. The studio is fully equipped with the best lighting equipment and backdrops.

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Can I suggest a location?

We are also able to do Photoshoots in the venue of your choice. So far we have used top London hotel suites and even public parks and streets in central London. For example, we did a shoot with Miss Jacqueline Little in Temple Gardens in the City of London. We did the shoot on a Saturday when that area is traditionally quiet. We had some spectacular results and our client was thrilled. So if you have a particular place in mind, or would like us to suggest an alternative venue please email or phone us, our details are on the Contact The Boudoir page. Any associated costs involved will be liable to the client of course, and any extra time involved in getting to or from a particular venue will also result in an extra (but reasonable) charge.

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How many photos do I get?

You get 40 colour 6 x 8 jumbo prints. Further enlargements can be ordered at a very reasonable price from The Boudoir should you want them.

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When do I get to see my photos?

You can either collect your photos or have them sent to you within two days of your shoot.

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How many different outfit changes can I have?

4 - 5 different changes. You are also welcome to change wigs and even have a make up alteration if desired. More looks can be arranged within one shoot,  just let us know beforehand.

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What do I need to bring?

Some people have a particular outfit that they own that they have would like to have some photos of, but if  you do not have even so much as a pair of tights don't panic!! The Boudoir will supply a total wardrobe for you. Whatever your taste, we are confident that we can cater for your requests. Daywear, eveningwear, club wear, cocktail dresses, ball gowns, wedding dresses, theatrical, fetish wear, underwear, corsets, hosiery, shoes and boots, plus jewellery all feature in our extensive wardrobe. Breast forms and body shaping garments are also supplied. Just let us know beforehand what kind of look (or looks) you want to go for and The Boudoir will put together a wide selection for you to choose from on the day.

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I am a total amateur and I have never done anything like this before…will I be OK?

Yes, yes, and yes again!! You can relax and just enjoy looking fantastic, because between myself and Mike the photographer, we style absolutely every single pose for every single shot. You don't have to worry about even so much as an arm or a leg being in the wrong position. We are experts in our field and we know what works and what doesn't and our success rate of 40 out of 40 shots being good quality (no eyes closed, no bra straps showing, no hair out of place etc) is unsurpassed. The fact that all our shoots are shot on digital format allows us to give you a set of perfect pictures as we check for mistakes as we go along. Plus, the fact that our studio is now in-house is massively beneficial for both you and us. You can have a relaxed and happy shoot with tea breaks when desired, and no interruptions from strangers. We get to give you our absolute best in our own surroundings with the full use of our entire wardrobe and wig collection.

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How much does all this cost?

£420 (£520 for on location) + £20 if you require a CD Rom of your shoot. This will include a full Professional Photoshoot specific makeover by Jodie Lynn, false nails or your own nails manicured, full wardrobe and wigs provided by The Boudoir. All shoots are worked on in the very greatest of detail. Why not go and check out The Boudoir's Professional Galleries and see for yourself the absolute magic that Mike and The Boudoir have created in some of our recent Photoshoots.

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How do I go about booking a Photoshoot?

Just give us a ring at The Boudoir the number is 020 8211 1666, or send an email to with details of your measurements/size, shoe size, requirements regarding different outfits and the looks you would like to achieve etc. We can then arrange a time and date for your shoot. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your appointment - in the case of a cancellation this cannot be refunded, unless we receive reasonable notice.

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