Booking lead times at The Boudoir London

Due to an increasing demand in my services, the lead time in which to book an appointment is longer than usual.  2 or 3  hours sessions (Makeovers to Go, Makeup Lessons and 3 Hours Dressing) are easier to fit in at the beginning or end of the day but the longer sessions (4, 5, 6 Hours and Full VIP Days) are harder to accommodate with shorter notice.  It is looking like a 6 week notice time for the longer sessions.  I anticipate that this will reduce somewhat as we head towards the summer months.   But saying all of this….always try me if you get a last minute opportunity as I do get the occasional cancellation or rescheduling.

Also a reminder that there is a strict 48 hour cancellation policy in place.  Any less notice than 48 hours and you will lose your deposit I am afraid as I simply cannot fill that slot in that time frame.