UPDATED POST – Business as usual at The Boudoir London DESPITE Tier 2 restrictions

London is now in the Tier 2 level of Coronavirus restrictions meaning that no two households can meet up in an indoor environment UNLESS it is for work purposes (including mobile hairdressers for example). There must also be adequate COVID safe measures in place…which there definitely are!
You can see a breakdown of the safety measures by clicking here
So it is business as usual at The Boudoir London INCLUDING any trips out to restaurants, bars or shopping. We can still carry on making the magic, taking the great photos and lighting up the internet with amazing shots of beautiful girls….and we can STILL go out too!  The Ivy group have even sent out an email to all their regular clientele (me included…obviously), to make sure that we know that we can STILL dine in any of their restaurants if it is for work purposes…..which it is!
Stay safe girls and let’s keep the glamour going!