How far in advance do I need to book an appointment?

From mid-September right through to the beginning of June we are normally quite busy.  So all I can say is try and give as much notice as possible as we can get booked up to FOUR WEEKS in advance.  However, it  is always worth trying us if you have a last minute opportunity come up because you never know….

June through to September is normally much quieter so we don’t need as much notice but please bear in mind that we ALWAYS take a deposit to secure bookings so we will need time to get that in place before your session.

What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

You need to have a nice, close shave as near to your time of arrival as possible.  You can always shave (wet or dry) when you get here but bear in mind it will eat into your session time.  You do NOT have to get rid of any body hair unless you want to.  Only do what you can comfortably get away with.  We can always use clothes and hosiery that conceal body hair.

Please shower before your session and wear deodorant.

And just arrive in a good frame of mind, knowing that you are about to have a great time where you walk away smiling from ear to ear!

Can I arrive dressed and/or leave dressed?

Yes you certainly can!  You are more than welcome to arrive and/or leave dressed if you want to.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Not unless you want to.  Some people like to bring their own lingerie and hosiery as that is personal to them, and others like to bring lots of clothes, shoes and wigs of their own.  But you really don’t HAVE to bring anything at all.

Who will I see when I am there?

All of our sessions are private and operate on a one to one basis.  You will be a in a discreet and private room.  The sessions are relaxed and undisturbed.  Unless it is an organised event where we are doing multiple makeovers, you will NOT see another client.  On days when we are running back to back with sessions, you may possibly see the previous client leaving as you arrive but we try to avoid this as much as possible.

Is it discreet and private?

Yes it really is!  We are in a very quiet, detached house on a very quiet road.   You very rarely see anyone when you are coming or going.

Can I bring a friend/wife/partner?

You certainly can!  Just let us know in advance so that we know to expect two of you.

Are there any personal services available?

Absolutely NOT!  We are a makeover and dressing service so please respect us by not asking for any personal services or by acting inappropriately.  You WILL be asked to leave with immediate effect.

If you become aroused during your session, as much as we totally understand, please be discreet and act respectfully towards us by not allowing us to see.

Is there a minimum age requirement to be a client?

16 years of age is the youngest client that we have ever had and we would not be prepared to see anyone younger than that unless it was organised by a parent or guardian.  We would also expect the parent or guardian to attend the session too.

Can I have photos or take videos during my session?

You can have as many photos as you have time for on your own phone or camera for no extra charge.   Likewise, if you wanted to video your makeover or dressing session with your own camera then you are more than welcome to.

If you want us to take photos on our phone and send them to you by We Transfer or Email, we can certainly do this for you at an extra cost of £20. This includes 5 edited images too.

Where are you based and do you have parking?

We are based in Woodford Green in North East London.  We are NOT in the Congestion Zone.

We have private parking on our private drive way.

We are 20 minutes walk from Roding Valley Central Line Station and 25 mins walk from Woodford Station, also on the Central Line.  If the walk is too far for you,  there is a taxi rank right outside Woodford station and the fare is around £5 to our premises.

Do I need to pay a deposit and how do I pay on the day?

Yes.  We NEVER confirm any sessions as definite unless you have paid a 50% deposit by Paypal, bank transfer, or by sending a cheque in the post. Overseas visitors can also used Western Union Transfer.

Deposits should be paid straight after the booking has been made unless there is an alternative agreement with Jodie Lynn.

On the day you can pay the remainder by cash, Paypal or bank transfer.

Can I smoke?

Yes!  We have a safe and discreet outdoor terrace where you can smoke during your session.  No smoking is permitted inside The Boudoir.

Personal Hygiene - Can I shower when I get there?

Yes you are more than welcome to have a shower at the beginning of your session if you are coming straight from work and you wish to feel fresh.

We DO ask that you shower before you come to The Boudoir if possible.  Personal hygiene is very important as you will be in close proximity with us when changing clothes etc and it is only fair that you are smelling clean and fresh!

You are also welcome to have a shower at the end of your session.

Showering WILL cut into your dressing time so please factor this in when deciding what length session you require.

Will all traces of make up and nail varnish be removed before I leave?

We can absolutely assure you that we will NOT let you leave our premises with any tell tale signs that you have been dressing.  We go through a two stage make up removal process PLUS you are more than welcome to have a shower before you leave too.  We would need to leave extra time towards the end of your session for you to shower if this is what you wish to do.

Nail varnish and/or all traces of nail glue are also removed thoroughly.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes we do!  We are all on one level for all The Boudoir needs.

We will ALWAYS do what we can to accommodate our disabled clients.

Are drinks provided and can I bring an alcoholic drink with me?

We provide tea, coffee, water and some soft drinks whilst you are at The Boudoir.  We do NOT provide any alcohol.

If it makes you feel calmer and more relaxed, you are more than welcome to bring a bottle with you.  Obviously, we do not encourage you getting drunk!  But a few tipples whilst you are with us is absolutely fine.