The Boudoir trip to The Selfie Factory – November CLOSED – Back on in December!

Who fancies a trip with The Boudoir to the Selfie Factory at the O2? Want some colourful, vibrant and exciting new photos for your collection? Fed up of the doom and gloom that has been constant in our lives for the last six months? Let’s go and make the colours burst back into our worlds again!

The Selfie Factory is a quirky interactive pop-up experience for selfie-taking or in this case, for posing whilst I take your photos for you!

The exhibit features unique photo friendly environments to up your social media game or maybe just your private collection! There is a pink replica tube train, a doughnut wall, pink supermarket & much more…
How will it work?
We start at The Boudoir with a makeover, hair and nails. I can supply a full outfit, or you can bring your own. Once we are ready, we will have a taxi ride to the O2 for our allotted time slot and here we will enter the world of pink fabulousness for an hour of posing and photos around the various amazing backdrops. Once we are done, we can head to the bars and restaurants at the O2 for a drink before heading home in our awaiting taxi!
The photos can be taken on my phone or yours (whatever you prefer). I can also edit (you won’t need too much I promise you!) 8 images for you too so that they really are Insta-perfect!

Once back at The Boudoir, you will leisurely change back and head home knowing that you have had a great time and have some amazing photos too!

The tickets are available till the end of December. So HURRY as we are running out of time and the tickets are selling out fast! The time slots at the O2 run hourly throughout the day from 10am till 5pm. So if you have a preference, please let me know.

The Deal
The price is £160. This includes, your complete male to female makeover, entry to the Selfie Factory, taxi fares, unlimited photos with 8 edited images. No wardrobe or wig. If you require an outfit & wig there will be a £30 charge.

To book your slot, please email: or call 020 7790 6682.  A 50% deposit via bank transfer or Paypal will be required to secure your booking.