SOLD OUT: The Magic Theatre – Saturday 2nd October 2021 (Waiting List Only)

The Magic Theatre Escorted Trip – Saturday 2nd October 2021
Well wonders never cease! I am organising my first Boudoir London event in over a year! I am thrilled to announce that The Magic Theatre is returning! This much loved event was an amazing night out for anyone that liked to dress up in any way shape or form! It was very popular with Boudoir girls when it was held at the Rivoli Ball Room in Brockley. We had some fantastic trips there and the great thing about this event is that you can REALLY dress up! Think glitzy cocktail dresses, ballgowns, character costumes, in fact NOTHING is really out of place! So NOW is the time to pull out that outfit that you LOVE but had nowhere to wear it!
Here is the official blurb:
The Magic Theatre brings people together in their most fabulous outfits and MY GOD WE ARE READY FOR SOME OF THAT!!!!
Taking place this time within the glorious surroundings of Georgian Beckenham Place Mansion, our aim is to serve up a fabulous Night Out for a mixed crowd of all romantic inclinations and gender identities. Created for a wildly mixed crowd who love a jolly good romp around the dance floor, the atmosphere is low-attitude and very tongue-in-cheek. Dress is completely un-themed – wear what makes you happy!
Expect vintage dressers from every era, fetish-wear enthusiasts, dapperly uniformed folk, 70s dudes, dandies and divas both modern and historic, and truly remarkable interpretations of small furry animals. It’s a happy place for top hats and tiaras, tutus and tailcoats, frolics, frou-frou and feathers… And there’s a sizeable contingent of those who have that special something in their wardrobe they could not resist buying, but never get to wear. It’s a place where you can make a Grand Entrance, flaunt, flirt and pose to your hearts content, and where the understated mingle happily with the extrovert, rubbing along together very nicely in a fest of mutual outfit appreciation.
Featuring DJ Sister Suzie with an eclectic mix of happy-dancing retro tunes of distinction.
Performance TBC
LOCATION: Beckenham Place Mansion, BR3 1SY
Check out the venue HERE
How the evening works:  You arrive at The Boudoir London at time of your allocated time slot. You will have a drink on arrival and then settle down for your makeup, hair and nails. Once beautified you will get dressed and enjoy the atmosphere of the “party before the party” at The Boudoir London before heading out into the night to the actual party.
Transport: I will be providing transport in the form of taxis that will get us to and from the venue safely and efficiently. I can also organise a taxi for you to get you home at the end of the evening once we return to The Boudoir
Timings: The event starts at 8pm and finishes at 2am. We will aim to get there for 9pm (which means an 8pm departure from The Boudoir) and leave when it is mutually decided by all in our group.
Outfit: You can bring your own or use our wardrobe. If you need an outfit, this will have to be organised prior to the event as we will be stretched for time on the night.
Changing Back: You can change back at The Boudoir upon our return at the end of the evening.
Price: £235.
What’s included: Full makeover, wig/hair styling, nails (false applied or your own shaped and painted), wardrobe if required, drinks and “world famous Boudoir nibbles” at The Boudoir, ticket to the Magic Theatre, transport there and back and change back at the end of the evening. Price does NOT include drinks at the venue.
How do I book?: You can email me at: Or you can call 020 7790 6682. 
Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Makeover slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so if you have a preference for makeover time, please mention this when booking.
We do require a 50% deposit to secure your place and this can be done by bank transfer or Paypal. Please state what suits you best when booking.
I can’t wait to party with you all again ladies!!!!