New COVID-19 Safety Measures at The Boudoir

We are living through very uncertain times indeed and I want to reassure you all that I have taken every measure that I can to keep us all safe here at The Boudoir. It is my pledge to you that I will do everything in my power to make each and every client feel as safe and secure as possible.


Things that will be different at The Boudoir:

I will be asking you to declare honestly if you have any symptoms such as a loss of taste or smell, cough or high temperature (no matter how mild) directly before your session. I will do the same. We owe each other this!

I will be taking your temperature with a forehead thermometer upon arrival. If your temperature is above the stated guideline temp of 37.8C, we will have to reschedule your session and you will NOT lose your deposit.

I will be asking you to leave your shoes in a box by the door. Your outdoor coat will also be left on a hanger by the door too.

I will be asking you to change from any outdoor clothes, to a robe and undergarments immediately after your arrival.

You will be asked to wash your hands as soon as you arrive too. I can do the same for your peace of mind. We will be switching to paper towels instead of hand towels.


What remains the same:

The dressing service and one to one trips will remain exactly the same as before.

The appointment system remains the same where all new appointments must be covered with a 50% deposit.

For those of you that have deposits/credit with me, we will deduct that from your appointment cost or where you have paid in full through my special deal, your appointment cost is already taken care of. Happy days!

For those of you that had to cancel appointments because of COVID-19, that deposit or payment will of course be carried forward and honoured. We are all good.

We have FREE, safe and secure parking for those of you that do not want to risk travelling by underground. Just ask me for the details when you book.

The magic remains the same…..and we need to make lots of it to make up for lost time! So let’s go girls!


What can I do to reassure you:

I personally have not had ANY symptoms of COVID-19 so far. I am running three times a week, an average of 10-11 miles a week. My lungs are working very well and I am fitter and healthier than ever!

I will be wearing a face mask on your appointments.

All utensils and brushes will be washed and sterilised in between clients and all surfaces will be wiped down with Isopropyl alcohol that will kill any viruses or bacteria.

All garments are cleaned in between clients.


What have I been doing in the last 3 months:

I have washed every single wig and every single item of clothing. I have detoxed the entire Boudoir collection and we are now lighter, more organised and ready to rock.

I have completed a very short Barbicide course on proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards.

I have been working on ways to make The Boudoir environment safe, happy and magical for you.