50 Pic Professional Photoshoot – £520

A full stunning professional photo shoot with our resident photographer.

Your day begins with a relaxing makeover, nails (false or your own shaped and painted) and your choice of wig or your own hair styled.  Once you are looking beautiful, we will work out your FIVE outfits with you for your shoot.  They might be outfits that you have brought with you or they can be from our wardrobe or you can mix and match between our wardrobe and yours.  We also have a full range of accessories to compliment your outfits.  So if you turn up empty handed, it is absolutely fine!

Mike is our resident photographer and he has a very long and illustrious career in the photography world.  He started out many moons ago, as a young photographer at The Daily Telegraph on Fleet Street.  At the height of his career he was scoring front page photos on countless newspapers and magazines.  Throughout the years, Mike has also worked in fashion photography and portrait shooting too.  21 years ago, Mike did his first photoshoot for The Boudoir and we haven’t looked back since!

On the day, the photographer will start the shoot when you area fully crossdressed and looking photo ready!  We can shoot on a choice of black, white or green screen backgrounds.  We can also shoot outside in the local area if required and weather permitting.  We will help you with all of your outfit changes and you can also have wig changes to accompany the outfit changes.

At the end of the shoot, we help you to change back and make sure that all the make up is throughly removed.

Photos will be sent to you via We Transfer.  All the images will be enhanced and edited by Mike to make your shoot as perfect as possible whilst still being a realistic image of your female self.