Escorted Lunch or Afternoon Tea Trip – £260

A wonderfully relaxing crossdressing experience with a great lunch or afternoon tea thrown in too!

We start the day with a full makeover, hair and nails (false applied or your own shaped and painted), full wardrobe provided if needed or you can bring your own outfit.  We will have had a consultation at booking stage as to where you would like to go so the venue would have been decided in advance.  We can go to a local restaurant where we can walk to and from or we can go further afield to the West End where we would take a taxi.  There are plenty of venues that we can easily get to from our location!

We would have a lovely relaxed and unhurried lunch or afternoon tea followed by travelling back to The Boudoir to change back.

You will be responsible for the full bill for any food and drink.  You would also be liable for any transport fares or parking costs.