Individual Theatre Trip – £330

This service is for the theatre lovers who want a glamorous, fun packed night at the shows!  We would have decided which show we are going to see during the booking stage and by the time you arrive we will have the hottest tickets in town in our hands!  All that is left to do is to get you looking fabulous for your perfect night out!

We start with a full makeover, hair and nails (false applied or your own shaped and painted).  We can supply full wardrobe if needed or you can bring an outfit of your own to wear.  Once we are all ready to hit the town, we will leave and travel to the theatre either by taxi or by London Underground (depending on your preference).  We can have a spot of pre-theatre dinner first or we can head straight to the theatre…it is entirely up to you.

After the show, we would head back to The Boudoir for changing back.

You will be required to pay for BOTH tickets in advance after a price bracket of tickets has been agreed.  You would also be responsible for any transport fares, dinner and drinks costs.