Virtual Boudoir lessons are BACK for lockdown

Once again we are in lockdown here in London.  I have brought back the Zoom “Virtual makeup lessons” as well as the “Virtual wardrobe consultation Sessions”.


I hope it can bring some enjoyable use to this time at home for you and I and that we can create some virtual magic together.  It’s all about making those silver linings out of these uncertain times.

Virtual 1.5 – 2 hours make up lessons:


You will need your own make up for this one and some good lighting. Check out the makeup kits that we have on our store site:  The Boudoir Shop

I will take you step by step through the process by applying makeup on myself whilst you replicate what I am doing. I will guide you and take you through the entire male to female makeover process.


We can create a natural day look or a sultry evening look or I can show you how to adapt a day look into an evening look. If you fancy something a little more outrageous, we can do that too. We can look at what products and brushes you are using and I can advise you as to what is missing and what you might need to help with your practice. We can also look at wig styling and how to get the most out of your crowning glory. We can do big hair, sleek hair, up do’s and down do’s! I will email you a step by step, detailed guide at the end of the lesson for you to use for future reference.


Price – £105 

Virtual wardrobe consultation sessions:


Do you have a whole load of clothes that you are unsure about? Not sure if you are wearing things correctly or what goes with what to get the best possible combinations? Let’s go through your wardrobe together. At the end of the session you may have a new, streamlined and organized wardrobe or a better understanding of what is possible with the choices in your collection. Either way…your wardrobe will have never looked so good! Let’s call this a virtual dressing session where you get to show me what YOU have! This is going to be a VERY fun session but we may have to make some difficult decisions over what stays and what goes.


Alternatively we can go over a whole host of ideas and suggestions as to what you SHOULD be buying and where to buy it from. We can talk about your body shape and what would be the styles to avoid and the styles to grab with both hands. I will send you both photos and links to guide you. The service also extends to when you are ready to start online shopping for items. Feel free to run any ideas or links to items past me for my advice.


Price – £50 per hour

To book a session, please email me at: or call 020 7790 6682