Who is Jamie Jameson…….

Our amazing community is enriched with a wealth of incredible people who have embraced and supported the world of all things trans.  Some have pioneered products, some have been and continue to be on the front lines of activism and some have simply given us safe spaces to party….and so much more!  They are ALL important and have contributed to the progress that the trans community has made over the years.  In my 21 years of being a part of this community, I have met some phenomenal people and through a series of very short interviews  I intend to introduce you to some of them.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jamie Jameson of T-Girl Nights ™
We produce the best trans events in Southern California, including some of the biggest transgender club
events and a large entries in the Long Beach and LA Pride Parades


What led you to working with the trans community?

My work with the trans community started innocently enough, I started T-Girl Tuesdays as a local
gathering of trans girls in the area, finding out there was a huge demand for a trans specific club night.
From there we just took off!

What is the best thing about working with the trans community?

The trans community whether male to female or female to male are some the most interesting people I
have ever met.  Everyone has a unique story and in todays world they are all reaching out to find themselves.
Our events are inclusive to much of the spectrum and we look to provide a safe, fun event for everyone.


If you could be anyone other than you, who would you be and why?

To be honest, I enjoy being “me” and I would not trade my life for anyone elses. The gratification of
seeing so many peoples lives touched is amazing to me and for me, that is all I need!

What is your number one beauty tip for trans girls?


Many, many girls just starting out are always asking me for a tip or two. I strongly recommend  going to a makeup counter and getting foundation matched.  That’s a really good start.  Once they have that base colour, they can build from there.



And lastly….why do you love The Boudoir London?


The Boudoir London influence is felt worldwide and everyone appreciates the care and love behind each persons makeover.  The service is unmatched anywhere!


You can visit Jamie Jameson’s T-Girl Nights website HERE