Who is Vicky Lee…….

Our amazing community is enriched with a wealth of incredible people who have embraced and supported the world of all things trans.  Some have pioneered products, some have been and continue to be on the front lines of activism and some have simply given us safe spaces to party….and so much more!  They are ALL important and have contributed to the progress that the trans community has made over the years.  In my 21 years of being a part of this community, I have met some phenomenal people and through a series of very short interviews  I intend to introduce you to some of them.

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Vicky Lee … I have been the host and founder of The WayOut Club in London since 1993 and before the internet I published an international guide to friendly shops, services and places to go for the trans community


What led you to working with the trans community? Back in 1990 I was struggling to find any community. When I found it I shared it. When I could not find it i created it.


What is the best thing about working with the trans community? We have something in common and nothing in common. We are all unique. The one thing we all have in common is we want to be accepted unconditionally we all want to be loved and I have a lot of love to give.

You can visit Vicky’s website for The Wayout Club HERE



If you could be anyone other than you, who would you be and why? I am happy to be me. Maybe i’d like to be me 30 years ago, but with everything I know now.


What is your number one beauty tip for trans girls? Enjoy pictures of yourself. Use them to be constructively self critical, get to know what suits you and what you like about yourself. Love yourself. Because people who like themselves glow with beauty.


And lastly….why do you love The Boudoir London? Jodie and The Boudoir understand you. Whether you need a discreet arrangement to explore your interest or a group of understanding people to share, develop, nurture your alternative self. To what ever level you want to take it, the care the quality that The Boudoir provides can not be beat