The essence of The Boudoir…

We provide a safe, private and relaxing space for our transgender clients to spend time feeling as feminine and beautiful as possible.  Everyone has their own version of what “feminine” means to them and we aim to indulge our clientele in what makes them feel their very best.  The spectrum of our clientele is very broad and we have two decades of experience in dealing with everyone from the first time cross dresser to those that are embarking on their transition to living full time as women.  Most importantly our much valued clientele are treated with love, kindness, respect and honesty.

Where and when it all began…

The Boudoir London was born in the summer of 1999.  I began my journey in a small shop premises in North London where a mere idea rapidly became a real job that took up 7 days a week.  I was a 23 year old girl with a fantasy of making men look beautiful and feel beautiful.

When The Boudoir’s doors opened for the first time I did not have a single customer booked in. I sat at my brand new desk, looking at my beautiful new shop, waiting for my brand new phone to ring. Eventually after two weeks I welcomed my first client, Gilly from Surrey. I was so nervous!! I couldn’t help her with the buttons on her blouse because my hands were shaking so much.


21 years later…

21 years later and with over two decades of experience and great stories to tell…I’m still here!  Technology has changed, make up has changed and most importantly, attitudes have changed and it is STILL my absolute pleasure to be serving the transgender community.

Since that first day, so many diverse and fascinating people have crossed the threshold of my dressing service to enjoy fabulous makeovers, dressing sessions,  and a great range of outings.

Since that first appointment, The Boudoir has grown from being a small and unknown address in deepest North London, to becoming one of the best and most well known services in the global transgender industry.


The Boudoir Premises

The Boudoir operates from a fantastic location in Woodford Green, North East London.  We have safe and secure parking and we are a 20 mins walk from Roding Valley Central Line station and 25 mins walk from Woodford Central Line Station. I can come and collect you from the station if the walk is a problem for you.  I work from a very beautiful house that is both discreet and very private.

We have showering facilities should you need them and we also have a discreet outdoor area for clients who like to smoke.

We NEVER publish our exact address or send the details out to anyone who has not booked a session secured with a 50% deposit.  So please don’t waste your time scouring this site for an address.  No commitment, no address!

From London to Hollywood…..

In 2014 I was given the opportunity to start a dressing service in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.  The Boudoir LA was born.  I ran both London and LA dressing services with the help of staff and I embarked on a three year adventure that really was the most exciting time of my life.  The travelling was tough but the rewards were high.  I met some of the most incredible people and I was living and working in my two favourite cities.  After three years, I had to make a very difficult decision as to whether I was going to stay for another three years of if I was going to come back to London and be a mother.  I chose the latter.  The legacy of this adventure is my position as the official make up artist for the Viva Wildside event in Las Vegas.  The event happens every year in May and it is an event that is very close to my heart.  It enables me to reconnect with some of my clientele from  my Boudoir LA days as well as fabulous new girls that I have met as a result of the three glorious years I spent in West Hollywood.