Check out the fabulous wig collection at The Boudoir Shop…

Lady in wig with umbrella

I am SO excited to announce that The Boudoir Shop is now offering a full range of fabulous, high quality synthetic wigs chosen specifically with the trans woman in mind.

Over the last 21 years, I have learnt very much through trial and error about what does and doesn’t work with the vast array of clients that have walked through my door.  I have learnt that certain styles may look beautiful and feminine but are not practical for going out and about in real life situations.  I have also learnt that some girls just want to look sexy and don’t care about practicality.  Some girls HAVE to have a fringe because of the heavier bone structure along the top of the brow and others with great eyebrows and foreheads look great with a sweeping fringe.  Above all, the wig is the thing that can make or break a great look so it really is worth investing time and money into finding the right one.  It truly is the icing on the cake! 


It really is a vast spectrum and with all of this in mind, I have chosen a range that I think covers a good proportion of what trans women want and need!  Labels such as Noriko, Rene of Paris, Ellen Wille and Hi Fashion Collection are all there in the range.  I have also chosen a beautiful selection of colours that I think you will love and that reflect what I believe trans women want and need.  


IF…..for whatever reason you do not find what you are looking for then please email me at: and I will only be too happy to find something else for you that I can then add to my range.


So without further delay….I give you The Boudoir Shop Wig Collection.  Please click HERE