6 Hours Crossdressing Session – £450

You will ease into your session by changing into lingerie, hosiery and a satin dressing gown. There will be a short consultation about how you would like to look or any preferences that you have and then we will begin your relaxing makeover which ends with the choosing of the perfect wig.  This more relaxed session also includes false nails or your own nails shaped and painted.

Once your face and hair are looking amazing, we move onto the dressing.  You can chose to have shape wear, including corsetry, hip padding and bum padding as well as a wide selection of different sized silicone breast forms.  We also have some of the silicone chest plates that enable you to get a great cleavage without having to get rid of any chest hair.

The wardrobe consists of everything from daywear to evening/clubbing wear in a vast range of sizes.  If you have something VERY specific that you would like to try, it is advisable to inform us during the book stage of your session.  We will always do our very best to accommodate your requests.

Six hours will give you the chance to try six or seven outfits depending on how quickly and frequently you like to change.

If you wanted to go for a short walk or a coffee locally, that is also possible in this six hours session.  You can decide this on the day depending on your mood and confidence.

We need to allow about 20 minutes at the end of the session for you to change back and complete a thorough removal of all of the make up.  If you require a shower, we would need to factor in extra changing back time for that too.

Photos taken on your own phone or camera are at no extra charge.

Photos taken on OUR phone and sent to you by WeTransfer or Email, with 5 edited images will be an extra £20