The Boudoir Kiss Collection has landed!

I am so unbelievably excited to announce to the world that I have put together the first of many makeup collections designed to take the stress out of choosing makeup that goes together to create a beautiful and flattering look!  The Boudoir Kiss collection is the first and I am so proud of what we have achieved during another lockdown here in England.  We have put this together in the last two weeks and I am hoping that you all love it as much as I do.  There is so much more to come from us and I hope that this puts some colour into your lives during these very trying times!

Product Details:

Boudorise eye palette.  This high quality mirrored compact neatly contains three 2.5g professional quality eye shadows which have been carefully selected to compliment each other and create a beautiful eye make up.

Boudify blusher can also be used as a subtle enhancement shade on the cheek or built up to create sharp cheekbones that could cut glass!

Boudoir Kiss is the signature lip colour for The Boudoir Kiss Collection.  A very versatile colour which can be used as a great day or evening lipstick.

Boudacious a chestnut rose with a slightly mauve undertone and perfect to compliment most mid and darker pink shades.

The Boudoir Kiss Collection is £44.99 and you can buy it right HERE

Model is wearing Diamond Eyelashes

What makes it special?

We have put this quartet of fabulous products together as they are not only complimentary in terms of  shades but because they are also incredibly versatile in taking you from a simple understated day look to an oh-so-sexy evening look.  The shades also work beautifully across a whole range of skin tones, from blonde to brunette and from light skin to darker skins.  Every girl can work that Boudoir Kiss vibe!

Boudoir Kiss Collection collection really is a kiss from us to you….x